Hack For The People

A hackathon for the people, by the people. With countless possibilities and issues to tackle, the sky's the limit.

About Hack For The People

Hack For The People is an intercollegiate hackathon designed to engage students in tackling some of the worlds largest problems. From issues in the economy to trying to channel people's inner patriotism, the sky's the limit.



Help develop solutions aiming to bridge societal gaps regarding social and cultural issues. Such solutions range from developing a mobile application that easily allows users to look up police officer’s badge number and precinct, to a web application that calculates the likelihood of incarceration.


Projects under this track should be centered to provide solutions to current economic challenges. Solutions that will better business, solve policy issues, and even household innovations that can alleviate the stress of COVID-19 are welcomed.


Promote and empower civic engagement with a focus on current issues in policy. These projects include any sort of technology that enhances the addressing of public concerns, protecting public values, or optimizes the process for citizens to make a difference and get their voices and opinions heard.


Focus on the intersection between technology and sustainability. Projects under the Environmental track should aim to provide a platform to help our world. Whether through curbing climate change or delivering a sustainable and affordable alternative to current technologies, the skies the limit!



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